Fox News anchor Sean Hannity expressed a pretty controversial opinion on hitting kids on his TV show, and Seth Rogen took to Twitter to respond. 

The issue was being discussed as a result of the latest scandal to hit the NFL with the news that star running back Adrian Peterson had been arrested for hitting his child with a switch, and when Sean Hannity of Fox news invited a panel on to discuss the issue, he outlined his views on the subject. 

He said that he had been punched and hit with a belt at home and that he didn't really see a huge problem, because he 'probably deserved it'. 

The history of abuse suffered by Hannity has obviously coloured his own opinions on this matter, but Seth Rogen weighed in with a tweet that highlighted the fact that he wasn't a fan of the show or the presenter.



We can safely assume that Rogen probably doesn't watch a whole lot of Fox News. Also, if we're honest, there's something quite sad about watching Hannity's views on the issue and the extent to which he thinks it's ok. 

Hannity mentions himself that he "never went to a shrink" about being hit as a kid, but it's not hard to see in the clip above that it definitely had long-lasting effects on the presenter.