So, a seal walks into a shop right on Fisherman's Warf in Charleston, Ore and is left BITTERLY disappointed. Mostly because the shop the seal has gathered momentum to waddle towards is not a just a fish shop. It's also fruit and veg shop. And the bag he happened to go to the bother of tackling was a big bag of fruit. 

Said seal then pulls a manoeuvre that is relatable when you walk into a shop and are left BITTERLY disappointed *spins on heel*

Matt Ledoux who works at Fisherman’s Wharf said the local animals had been acting "a little unusual. We had a lot of volcanoes and full moons and all sorts of weird stuff happening on the ocean, so we noticed that everything was being a little strange... I'm sure he saw all the customers walk into the store and come out with fish, so he thought he'd give it a go... He's kind of an icon around here. He's like our little dog hanging out at the fish market."