If you've ever been in a populated area, you're bound to see one of these dumba**es spouting s**t with a loudspeaker or megaphone.

It's usually about the end of the world, possibly how we're all going to Hell or something to do with the international lizard conspiracy. It's garden-mix variety of nutjob-speak, basically. However, one Scotsman decided he wasn't having any of it.

Armed with his trusty bagpipe, he strode out onto the main square and did what he did best.

Take a look.

Now that's how you deal with hate-preaching. Reasoned arguments just won't cut it so you need something louder and, possibly, more annoying. Bagpipes is your only man. If this happened in Ireland, we could probably get uileann pipes or a bodhran or something. The Scots have us bet on the loud instrument front, however.

Fair play to him / them, in fairness.


Via YouTube