Of course Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump. Sure what else would she be doing? Crippling his campaign by acting unhinged? Oh.... 

Should you have a lot of time on your hands, here is the full, never ending video depicting Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump at a Campaign Rally in Ames, IOWA last night. Donald takes to the stage about half an hour in to the video, with Sarah joining him around the 53 minute mark. And MAN is she PUUUUUUUHMPED! After roaring that she was THAWING OUT in Iowa, she then addressed the assembled as "you rock and rollers, all you holy rollers!" before saying she was endorsing Trump because he's not a “capitulator in chief” and wouldn’t negotiate “like a community organizer maybe organizing a neighborhood tea." 

We don't expect you to sit through all of it, so here's a summary. It involves Donald Trump not getting high off "opium", like others in office. Or something. 

Here's another handy summary, that needs to be remixed IMMEDIATELY.

Via Uproxx