We'd wager that a few drinks were had before Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan made their way to the press room for their post-win interview because the sheer giddiness emanating from them is very familiar.

After Ronan won her Golden Globe for 'Lady Bird' and the film took the award for 'Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy', Gerwig and Ronan faced the thongs of press gathered to ask them a range of questions varying from "What was your life like when you were Lady Bird's age?" to "How much of the movie was biographical?" and "What are you doing next?" and the two were as thick as thieves throughout.

When they weren't holding hands and supporting each other, they were expressing their absolute delight confirming that Justin Timberlake, who Gerwig wrote to to get permission to use one of his songs in the film, has seen 'Lady Bird' and approved of the song's use.

It was a little less comfortable when Gerwig was asked if she regretted her part in Woody Allen's 2012 film 'To Rome With Love', and she had to dance around and find a non-committal statement on the spot.

"It's something I have thought deeply about and care deeply about. And I haven't had an opportunity to come down on one side or the other," Gerwig said.

"I've definitely taken it to heart, but my job is to occupy the position of writer and director and be that person and to tell these stories."

So not really an answer, but Ronan was there with a very Irish "Well done" after Gerwig wrapped up and they walked off stage, hand in hand, proving that Saoirse really is as loyal and sound as they come.