Scott Weiner of the San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is happy to talk to the press, provided that he thinks they're actually members of the press. 

Weiner was doorstepped for an interview in the halls of his office by a reporter from Fox News, and while they seemed polite enough in the clip they showed, they had been bothering employees of the board of supervisors regularly over a number of days. 

Speaking to Think Progress, Weiner explained that Fox reporters have "been stalking various members of the board of supervisors for the last week. They went to someone’s home. One of my colleagues said they were following her around in her district last week", after a woman was killed by an undocumented immigrant. 

Fox News blamed the San Francisco's immigration policies, naming it "sanctuary city", and saying that they were "enabling evil". In this short clip however, Weiner hits back, telling the reporter that "fox is not real news, and you're not a reporter". 

While Bill O'Reilly wasn't too pleased, calling Weiner a "pinhead", he said that he's received pretty much unanimous support from he residents of his city and all over the country, and that the reaction has been "overwhelmingly and enthusiastically positive. People are thrilled. There is such a deep seated frustration with Fox News and the fringe it represents".

Via Gawker