We'd kind of forgotten about Ryan Reynolds of late, what with the world going mad for that other Ryan, so it's nice to get a fresh reminder of the man that is the other half to Blake Lively and a genuinely good actor is also actually one of the nicer ones out there in celeb land.

Reynolds was on the red carpet for his new flick Turbo when he got to ten year old Faith King who was there to interview for children's channel KidzVuz. She was considerably nervous (but then who wouldn't be). So what does Ryan do? He asks her how she is and gets into the questions from the pint-sized journo without a hint of condescension, telling her, when asked what character trait he would like more of, that he needs to be more patient.

Then, after admitting he's an M&M fiend, he gets a high five from Faith and tells her good job.

God damn, Blake Lively has a good one.