On a night like the Golden Globes, it can be a pretty daunting experience for some people and there's nothing more revealing for someone than losing.

It can also be a night when you're noticed more acutely than others and, when you get that limelight, what do you do with it? Or, more pointedly, how do you steal it from someone else? Well, it's simple - you shift the face off someone nearby as somebody's walking up to collect an award.

That's where Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield come in, who were seated next to one another at their table at the Golden Globes. Just as Ryan Gosling was announced as the winner of the Best Picture (Comedy / Musical) category, in which Reynolds was also nominated, he and Garfield passionately embraced and the camera hurriedly pulled away as it released it had caught man-on-man action in its lens.

No, really. Take a look.

Didn't see it? Don't worry, we've got a video right here that'll point it out. Check out Blake Lively and Tom Ford's reaction, too. Everybody's loving it, to be honest. Who wouldn't?


Via YouTube