Football, it's a funny old game, but like most things, it's a lot funnier in Russia.

Here's a video of a Russian football fan evading the stadium security as he tries and somehow manages to get back into the crowd after invading the field. Fair play.

We found the clip on Reddit, and while the comments were hilarious as always, they didn't give any useful information in regards to the stadium, the teams, or anything really. That was until someone posted this photo.

Thanks to playing what can only be described as far too much FIFA over the years, we managed to guess the side by the colour of the kit. Yep, that's Lokomotiv Moscow, and a quick google of their no.4 led us to Manuel Fernandes. We think you'll agree that the name on the back of the shirt adds up to that of the former Portsmouth and two-time Everton man. 

We've looked it up, and that kit matches this season's, and we're going to make a stab in the dark here and guess it all happened last night during the side's 1-1 draw in the Europa League with Besiktas.

How's that for some investigative journalism, what a way to start a Friday. Impressed? You should be.