Russell Crowe is one of the biggest actors in the world, but for his son, he's still just an annoying dad at a sports game.

Most of us would probably enjoy going to see a rugby league game with the Gladiator himself, but his son Charles probably is a bit jaded by the whole thing now, and would rather not have his dad hanging around all the time.

That was the case when the two watched Crowe's (and presumably his son Charles') favourite NRL side the South Sydney Rabbitohs beat the Manly Sea Eagles (best sports name ever) by a score of 40 - 24. As the Rabbitohs scored yet another try, it was time for awkward dad Crowe to appear and bother his son, to which Charles replied "get out of my face".

Further proof that every father eventually becomes the annoying dad, there is no escaping your fate.


Via Mashable