It seems Russell Brand is a bit morto over his reaction (which was quite measured in the grand scheme of things) to Paric O'Brien's line of "snide" questioning outside Number 10 yesterday. Therefore he's come across with his latest edition of "Trews" -  it's Trew News, news that you can trust, subscribe here, not news via the mind of a snide! Not moody news from a dubious source!"

Russell's mates, The Rubber Bandits said: "That guy, as an Irishman, should understand what it's like to have land and property seized by a higher authority." That's open to debate considering we're now living in the 21st century and it's doubtful O'Brien was directly affected by the English renting us back our own land many (many) moons ago.

All that aside, Brand is a celebrity that is attempting to do some good for those less fortunate than him. Shame there's not more of them around. And not just because it would create more stories for hacks like me to post.