This is real, seriously. No messing. 

A rugby player in Argentina lost a tooth during a game, and like most sane people, he went to the dentist to have it checked out and to see what could be done. However, that's where it seems that he came up with the weirdest, most ridiculous idea that there has ever been in the history of dentistry: he was going to put a bottle opener in the gaping hole instead of a tooth. 

The interest that his tweet garnered from a couple of other guys who were in the same position interested in what was going on, and Salta Beer decided that they'd jump on board and get involved in the weird procedure, documenting it for the ages as well as getting a bit of publicity out of it, and turning it into a fully-fledged campaign with Ogilvy. There is some blood and actual tooth surgery going on here also, which you might not want to see if you're eating breakfast. 

Dr. Sebastian Juri is the madman behind the procedure, that now allows the guys to crack open a beer at a party when you can't find the bottle opener. That thing must be an absolute nightmare to floss...

Via BroBible