Neither of the two men are known for their footballing skills, but they decided to try their hand at a new version of the game called Circular Soccer. 

In a twist on the world's favourite sport, the goal in this case has three sides, and the focus is on using your skill to beat your opponent and slot it home. 

Judging by this video, Dornan would be pretty handy to have on the five-a-side pitch, but his finishing could use a bit of work. On the other hand, Rory's short game was decent.

We know that both of them are in decent shape, so if they want to come along and try out for our Sunday League team we'd be more than happy to have them. We see ourselves as a bit of a Pirlo, so they'll be doing a lot of the running for us, we'll simply supply the killer pass and stand there having great hair. Just so long as they're clear that we're the star of the team, not them.

Via Radio Times