As part of the star-studded Stand Up To Cancer campaign, comedian and director Richar Ayoade saw down with Andy Murray to find the perfect people to form the cast for the movie about his life, and the results were pretty hilarious.

The video features Ayoade and Murray trying to find the perfect actors to fill the roles of the most pivotal characters in the story of Andy Murray's life, and his amazing career to date. Starting with Tim Henman (a surprisingly good actor) and featuring Rory McIlroy, Gordon Ramsey and Britney Spears along the way, the sketch is pretty hilarious, showing that Murray is happy enough to poke a bit of fun at himself.

R-Mac still needs a bit of work on his acting though, as he hasn't improved a great deal since his days in the Santander ads. Speaking of acting talent though, Richard Ayoade was fairly complimentary of Murray on Twitter after the sketch, and we have to say that he was very believable as himself.