As a self proclaimed 'socially awkward' kid, video games became a big interest for Ronda Rousey from a young age. 

"I've been playing Pokémon for like 19 years" she revealed to Conan last night. To this day, gaming is a big part of who she is and has even played a big part in making new friends. 

"That's actually how me and Vin Diesel became friends. I was on Fast 7 and his sister found out that I like World of Warcraft." she said.

"That's what Vin Diesel does in his off time too?" asks the surprised host. 

Rousey and Diesel would apparently spend their evenings during production over at Diesel's place playing World of Warcraft. 

The best part of the game for Rousey is that she gets to interact with people online and have "genuine coversations with them" without them knowing that she's actually a former ultimate fighting champion.