Ronda Rousey is one of the most high-profile fighters in the UFC, and thanks to her ability to make people tap with her fearsome armbar, she's made quite a name for herself. 

Last night she appeared on Jimmy Fallon to chat about her seemingly unstoppable rise, and Fallon asked her about her signature move, and whether she would demonstrate the basics of it on him.

Rousey duly obliged, although we have to say that Fallon was pretty quick to spit out the safety word, but in fairness we probably would be as well. Ronda could put the hurt on us with incredible ease, best not to chance our arm...get it? Yeah, you get it. 

This time, Rousey was considerably softer on Fallon than she was on that poor interviewer whose ribs she broke a few weeks back. Everyone learned a lesson that day, it seems.