Now THIS is what we're talking about. You can keep yisser stilted Iggy's, this is an actual legend in James Corden's midst. Here Rod talks wrecking hotel rooms back in the day, getting banned from all Holiday Inns (so they used to check in under the name Fleetwood Mac) due to their propensity to invite an entire audience back to their hotel rooms after a gig for "a drinking and a shagging, a drinking and a shagging."

We also especially love how Rod just lets James Corden crow while A$AP Rocky slithers out of the back seat out of nowhere. Seamless (if you're wearing headphones, the bleep machine is rather loud). 

BTW: In case you wanted to go get the "full Stewart" in the hair department, apparently it only takes 10 minutes for his patented crown and glory. You also may be interested to know that Rod lost his 'V Plates' to "a big girl, who looked about in her 30s."