Sure, when we think about the advancement of robotics in the modern age, our minds immediately drift to the doomsday, Terminator 2: Judgement Day scenario.

But what if it isn't that? What if the robots become all cute and chirpy like R2D2 or something?

A hotel in California has begun trials on using robots for room service. Imaginatively called 'Bot-lrs', these little yokes carry whatever you request from the Main Desk to your room.

They've even got little bowties and everything. The robot comes equipped with WiFi / 4G, a touchscreen and a camera that allows the guest connect with a human if something goes wrong.

As the video below shows, it has a little compartment in its head that pops up and holds what you requested.

Also, they are unspeakably cute. Take a look. 

Yes, the robot did do a little dance when it got five stars. SO CUTE.

Aloft Hotel, the chain that uses the robot butler, is currently trialling the system in California, but has plans to expand it to all of their hotels if it's deemed a success.

How could it not, though? Well, unless you get some clown who decides to take a dump in the compartment.

But honestly, who would do such a horrible thing to such a cute little robot?!


Via YouTubeEngadget