It's been a while since we've watched, adoringly, as Robert Pattinson squirms in his seat uncomfortably while a prominent TV host probes the inner workings of his mind. Never has fidgeting been more endearing.

This time R-Patz is recalling the most disappointing day of his life: April Fool's Day when he was 18 years of age. Why? His older sisters (who at the time he didn't quite get on with) told him that his mother was pregnant with a baby boy. Turns out, that's all Kristen Stewart's ex has ever wanted from life but it wasn't to be. Seth Meyers then suggests that he's probably old enough to produce his own offspring, to which Pattinson responds in true Pattinson fashion, by giggling and fidgeting even MORE until the awkward moment that's attempting to address his romantic affairs has passed.

No amount of media training and exposure to fame has turned Rob into a robotic, dancing monkey. And thank heavens for that.

Next up for Pattinson is a movie that has absolutely nothing to do with vampires or moanbag teenage girls - The Rover. Why listen to us ramble on about it when you can watch Pattinson himself discussing what's in store.