If you're gonna take a bit of advice from anyone, it should be someone who's lived a life. Right?

It can't be some young one who's wet behind the ears and hasn't seen the world through a different perspective. No, you need someone with a face like a map of the world.

Robert DeNiro, basically.

And sure enough, the students of the New York Tisch School of Arts got just that when the veteran twice-Academy Award-winning actor turned up to give the commencement speech to its graduates.

As you'll see in the speech, DeNiro didn't hold back. In fact, his opening line was a sobering reminder - though a shock - serves as a reminder to artists just how tough it is to be an artist.

For anyone that tries to make it in a creative field, they'll tell you that this speech rings true.

As well as imparting his worldly advice, DeNiro tells the enrapt crowd a few stories from his long career.

If you've got a few minutes to spare, give it a watch. It's worth it.


Via YouTube