So it turns out Robbie Keane is a big fan of  (and friends with) Boy George. 

We've all been found having a sing-a-long in the car, but few of us have ever recorded it for posterity and then sent it to the artist who made the song, only for them to put it online and embarrass us. That is what happened to Robbie Keane, though.

The video was posted by Boy George himself on Facebook, and has the Ireland striker singing along to mega-hit 'Kharma Chameleon', which is blaring out on the car's sound system. We can only imagine what it must have looked like to pass Robbie at that moment in traffic. Anyway, click on the image below to play the video. 

Robbie is obviously moving in the right circles in Hollywood, he's got loads of celebrity mates.

Via The Irish Mirror