And we mean 100%, completely out of her mind piiiiiissed.

Now we've all been there (especially at a festival or concert), a few too many are enjoyed and you're enjoying your jams a but too hard, but we've never really seen an A-list celeb get so well and truly drunk out of their mind at a festival that they had to be escorted out. We're sure it's happened, we just haven't managed to see it. So of course Rihanna is the first one to bring it into the public domain.

Riri was in Poland at the Open’er Festival to support Miguel (you remember, that guy that accidentally kicked a fan in the face), and had the ultimate walk of shame past people in the pit when she was escorted away from Kings of Leon's performance (even though that's clearly LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends playing in the background but whatever) with her best friend Melissa Forde and assistant Jennifer Rosales, all of whom seem to be well and truly hammered, Rihanna in particular.

There's really no denying it either. Just look at her.

She's also managed to piss off a rake of fans on the continent as she is increasingly late getting on stage on her Diamonds World Tour. We wonder why...