This is like a scene straight out of Wayne's World. There's even a snippet of them engaging in some frenzied car warbling towards the end of the video. It's not of Bohemian Rhapsody proportions, but Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss a Thing is a close second.  

If you're unable to view the video - MAN you're missing out. Ah, no, it's entertaining in parts. For example, it's amusing to see so many Amazonians charging around the shop, stopping men in wifebeaters in their tracks. Rihanna's kimono is also something to behold, as is her array of snacks and the singing of Fruit Loops.

A basic transcript goes as follows: "MUNCHIES... Fruiiiit looops. Fruuuuiit looops... RihRih *laughter* Melissa, you look sexaaay... Ruffles.... You just walk into the store and already you got four snacks? YOU'RE JUDGING HER. STOP JUDGING HER... Them new, them new *points rigorously at 'Spam'*..." Then the rest is pretty much indecipherable (4/20 was no doubt mentioned) - which is OK cause then proceedings jump to the inside of a darkened car and the aforementioned warbling. 

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Surprisingly, out of all the items grabbed, where was the jerky? Duane Reade jerky is the BAWMB!