There's no such thing as a free lunch when you're Richard Branson.

Branson's private island of Necker has been a magnet for all sorts of famous celebrities and musicians for many years - but now the Virgin founder has revealed what goes on when they visit.

Former boyband star Harry Styles famously spent time on the British Virgin Island following his split from Taylor Swift in early 2013, and was famously pictured in the hot tub with Branson and friends seemingly without a care in the world.

In a new interview, Branson revealed that most artists who visit Necker will do a party piece.

 "Over the years, we've had quite a lot of rock stars - Harry Styles through to Keith Richards - all sorts, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel," he said. "A lot of those stars come and say hello, and it's great when they do a song and keep us entertained."

When asked whether Styles performed, he said: "He might have knocked up a song or two. He's gotta sing for his supper - otherwise on an island, you don't get fed."

We're assuming that the ritual sacrifices to the pagan god of wealth took place after supper, but Branson didn't go into detail on that.

Watch the interview below: