Most people will remember Rachel Leigh Cook as the fresh faced star of arguably the best teen rom-com of the 90s, She's All That. 

However some Americans will remember Cook from an anti drugs PSA campaign that ran in the 90s. The ad features Cook wreaking havoc in the kitchen to illustrate the effect heroin has on people's bodies and families. 

Almost twenty years later, Cook is appearing in an updated version of the ad and she's still fresh faced. Like seriously, she's hardly aged a day. She's meant to be 37?

Cook has mostly guest starred in various TV shows over the past few years and has been doing a lot of voice work. She lent her vocals to episodes of Robot Chicken and video games such as Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series. However she also starred in three seasons of sitcom, Perception, which starred Will & Grace's Eric McCormack and Kelly Rowan (AKA Kirsten Cohen) from The OC

Via Vulture