The Man Cave went cliff diving (sort of) recently, and got a mouth full of Liffey water for our troubles.

When it comes to extreme sports, no one does it bigger or better than Red Bull, but their Cliff Diving events take things to new heights (sorry). The divers climb up on natural and man-made surfaces and perform death-defying leaps into the water, normally over 25 metres below, pulling off some incredible tricks on the way down.

That makes the whole event a pretty jaw-dropping spectacle for the onlookers, and this year, they're returning to Irish shores for the first time since 2012 to go to the picturesque Inis Mór to put on a show for fans and locals alike on June 28th & 29th but before they arrive, they decided to take over the Jeanie Johnston for the day.

Lifestyle editor and Man-Cave dweller Adrian Collins went along to get some first hand experience of what the athletes go through, but on a much, much smaller scale as Red Bull organised for everyone to jump from the famous boat into the Liffey, which is harder than it appears. 

On the day, two of the sports stars Blake Aldridge and Gary Hunt climbed to the top of the crow's nest on the ship too, in order to give the crowd in attendance a little taster of what would await them if they decided to head along and check out the event. If you're already hooked after watching this, then you can book your tickets for the event below, and check out a gallery of the last time the Red Bull Cliff Diving extravaganza came to Ireland.