Dogs of the world, time to up your game.

Crystal Lauer, a resident of Germantown, Wisconsin, is lucky to be alive this week and can thank her dog Johnny and a local police officer for that after they both came to her rescue after she fell unconscious in freezing conditions.

Officer Gonzalez was out on his early morning patrol on Friday morning when he found Johnny running free in the streets. Because he was collared and tagged, Gonzalez attempted to catch him and bring him home, but instead Johnny avoided capture and lured Gonzalez  to Crystal who was on her porch "wearing her pyjamas and a housecoat and... slumped over and unresponsive".

Lauer is currently recuperating in hospital while her family are understandably beyond grateful for Johnny and Officer Gonzalez.

Proof if any that dogs remain man's best friend and that we should all only be lucky enough to have one.

Via YouTube/TMJ4