Using a hockey stick, some tape, a butterfly net and plenty of innovation, one man managed to safe a bunch of ducklings from drowning. 

Dennis Dodds of Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada managed to turn a grave situation for a bunch of ducklings into a story with a happy ending, all thanks to his hockey stick. Dodds' daughter Ceiligh spotted the family of ducklings fall through a storm drain on the street, and ran to her father for help, worried that they wouldn't survive down there. 

Thinking on his feet, he grabbed a butterfly net and attached it to his trusty ice hockey stick, which he then put down the drain and used to rescue the birds. His kids Ceiligh, Conor and Seamus (good solid Irish names there) all helped with the rescue, and managed to capture it on film too. 

Thankfully, as the video shows, the mother duck eventually came by, clearly worried about her kids, and gratefully took them under her wing as the family released them on to their front garden. 

As the folks at Mashable point out, this guy is pretty much the MacGyver of dads. 

Via Mashable/CBC News