When you watch daytime television chat shows, it's usually because you're either A) waiting for Countdown to start or B) you're seriously hungover and you can't find the remote.

So, naturally, when somebody goes bananas or decides to start cursing people out, it's always an added bonus. But when you invite a punk / metal band by the name of CracKerman on, you know what you're getting yourself in for.

And that's exactly what happened on Valley View, a local daytime chat show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The band members calmly chat with the host beforehand and are as genial and lighthearted as you'd expect. Then... well, just look at the video.

More daytime television chat shows need to book heavy metal bands for their music slots. We want to see Slayer turn up on Today with Carson Daly and just go to town on the windows there.

Better still, these guys need to do the rounds over here. We need to see them on Today with Daithi O'Se and The Seven O'Clock Show with Lucy and Martin.

Better still, send them out to Ray D'Arcy Show and just let them smash in all the lights in the studio. They'll be there for hours.


Via YouTube