Thanks to the internet, raising money for certain causes or business ideas has become easier and more global than ever.

If you can convince the people of the internet that there's something in it for them, then the money is sure to follow. One pub in Tatura, Australia has come up with an ingenious idea to get that sweet, sweet internet cash that is, in their own words, the next best thing to actually owning a pub: they'll name anything in the pub after you. 

They've set up an indiegogo page where they're hoping to raise AUD$65,000 to give the Tatura Hotel a bit of a remake, which includes giving the bedrooms a remake, working on the playground outside, and generally giving the place a new lick of paint. Your donation won't go unnoticed though, as depending on the amount that you give, your name will be emblazoned on anything from a bar mat to the men's toilet. 

$100 will get your name on a bar stool, for $700 you can be president of the pool table (whatever that means), $1,000 will see the pub's famous Chicken Parma dish renamed in your honour, $2,000 gets an oil painting of you put up in the dining room, and the top donation of $2,500 will get you a weekend for you and four mates with the star of the promotional video, Bugs. 

At the time of writing they haven't made any money yet, but the page just started up yesterday, so there's a ways to go still.