We watched this video between our fingers and found it really interesting.

Yes, it's gory and kind of disgusting - but also genuinely fascinating.

Dr. Suzanne Stensass of the University of Utah's Brain Institute - which is an amazing title, by the way - describes how brains are a lot more squidgy and vulnerable.

Not only that, did you know brain surgeons use a type of vacuum to suck out parts of the brain when they're performing surgery.

AND! They dump the brain in a type of chemical that hardens it when they're using them for educational purposes so you can lift them.

Just think. That squidgy, goopy mess holds all your memories - including that time you thought it was a good idea to buy a luminous green T-shirt because it had a smiley face on it.

Don't watch this video if you're squeamish or in the throes of a stomach bug. You will hurl and Entertainment.ie cannot be held responsible for said reactions.



via YouTube / reddit