Well if you weren't already head over heels in love with Prince William, who we've dubbed as perhaps the nicest and soundest Royal EVER, you'll probably slide right off your seat once you've watched this.

It's not that he's all suave and sexy but more so that he's beyond endearing and so evidently up for having the craic, as proven when he jumped on stage to sing along to 'Livin on a Prayer' with the Jovi-meister himself. Bit of a dad at a wedding dance on him but who could resist the opportunity to jam with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift. An odd trio but a wonderful trio at that. Can you imagine if they formed a band? Welcoming all name suggestions. We already call Taylor Swift T-Swizz so maybe there's something around that. P-Wizzle? Prince Lion Will.i.am? The possibilities are endless.

On a side note, it's been a while since Taylor's had a man to sing about or a flash in the pan boyfriend to break up with, so we wouldn't be half surprised if she set her sights on the handsome prince, especially given that it was William who invited HER up on stage to join the pair. Well you had your fun, now back off, bitch. Kate would have your pins for next week's Sunday roast if you mad a move on her baby daddy.

Anyhoo, here's the video from the Winter Whites Gala in Kensington Palace last night, all in aid of the homeless charity Centrepoint.

Cringey indeed, but endearing nevertheless.