Every year, Major League Baseball hosts the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game to bring some of the former greats together with celebs to play a friendly game of softball. Sure it's America's past-time, of course. 

Hosting Studio 42 on the MLB Network, former Cincinnati Reds player Sean Casey (who's known as The Mayor) decided to show off his skills with the help of Lauren Shehadi, his co-host, and let people know that he's still got the moves that will make him a formidable opponent at the game.

However, while Shehadi's pitch was great, Casey ended up hitting it "too well" as pundits like to say, and ended up dinging his co-host right in the head. 

She was ok, thankfully, as it was only a softball, but we presume there are a few celebs now re-considering their participation in the game.