We're not sure to applaud her, or usher her off to the physio to ensure her pelvis is still in place...

Obviously Megan has been doing this for quite sometime, and they do always say it's safe to carry on with your normal level of exercise while pregnant - just don't introduce anything new, so best not to try your hand bench pressing for the first time if you're with child.

Vast experience and her doctor's advice to "keep hydrated" aside, I can't help but wince every time Megan squats. Not because of the obvious (apologies), more because I've been (TMI alert) forced to visit the physio for the last few months due to exerting myself too much post pregnancy. There's a little hormone called "relaxin" which - as the name suggests - causes your hips etc to relax to aid childbirth. Thing is, this little bugger of a hormone can stay around in your system for months and can make even walking a bit of an arduous task should your pelvis misalign itself at the drop of a hat.

In short, less of the squats, Megan, nobody's invincible, d'you hear? Otherwise you can expect a lifetime of 'sniff, drop and flops' ahead.