You don't need to go big to feel like Batman, sometimes all it takes is a leg and some timing.

Police in Kingston upon Thames released this CCTV footage of a member of the public lending a helping foot and tripping a suspect fleeing from several officers on Saturday, thanking the unidentified man for helping stop the 17-year-old who was thought to be carrying Class A drugs with intent to sell.

Posting it to their Facebook page, they appealed to the man in a comment saying: "The Borough Commander was extremely impressed when he saw this footage and would like to meet the passer by personally to say thanks! So if you're out there get in touch..."

Foot Chase

Tripped up...A number of Kingston Officers were chasing a suspect through the town centre over the weekend when they received some unexpected assistance from a member of the public!Thank you for helping them :-)

Posted by Kingston Police on Monday, February 8, 2016

And in case you're wondering how legal his little trip was, apparently it falls under section 3 of the British Criminal Law Act "reasonable force to assist in the lawful arrest of an offender". Fingers crossed he gets rewarded with get out of jail free card.

Via Facebook