There isn't a politician alive who doesn't love a good photo opp and Donald Trump is no different.

Granted, you have to wonder precisely why it was that Trump decided that he couldn't be seen to interact or even acknowledge a child in a blow-up dinosaur suit. It's not as if Donald Trump has said anything negative or embarrassing about dinosaurs, right? After all, he's insulted pretty much everyone everywhere, but dinosaurs have somehow escaped his awfulness.

Maybe he was thinking that shaking hands with a dinosaur would be an insult to his hardline fundamentalist Christian base? After all, some of those crackpots believe that dinosaurs were put there to test us. No, really. In fact, other creationists believe that dinosaurs and human co-exist - and there used to be a theme park in the US that pretty much covers all this.

Where were we? Dinosaurs and Trump. Right. Well, there's another obvious connection. One's extinct and the other's about to be, what with the FBI investigation indicting Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, as well as one of Trump's campaign staffers turning cooperative witness for the investigation.

So, yeah, maybe that's it. Enjoy the video.