Press tours for actors and the like can be pretty dull affairs, so it's often a good idea to try and do something different in each city.

For Channing Tatum and the press tour for the excellent Logan Lucky, it's all about dancing with strangers in shops and broadcasting it live on Facebook. The video, which was uploaded just three days ago, has already surpassed 17,000,000 views so far.

17,000,000 views - and it's basically Channing Tatum talking to a shop assistant and then dancing with her. To be honest, there's enough horrible things in the world - and we all need a glimmer of light somewhere.

Channing Tatum dancing to '90s hip-hop is that glimmer of light. Take a look. The song, FYI, is Nas and Lauryn Hill's 1996 hit, If I Ruled The World.