We'll presume that you might have missed the Champions League qualifier between Ludogorets Razgrad and Steaua Bucharest last night, but you missed an amazing moment. 

There are a few teams in this year's Champions League draw that we might not know too much about, and if we're honest, Ludogrets Razgrad was one of them. We say was because last night we learned everything we need to know about them.

The scene is set as Vladislav Stoyanov, Razgrad's keeper, went and got himself sent off in the final minute of extra time, with the game poised at 1-1. A disaster, right? Wrong.

The game goes to penalties, and up steps Cosmin Moti, the new hero of the Ludo Crewdo (we're calling their fans that) who slotted home the first kick in the shootout. Then he slapped on the gloves, pulled on the keeper's jersey and saved two penalties to boot.

All hail Cosmin Moti, the greatest footballer there has ever been.

Via The Football Ramble. Main pic via Sky Italia