This could be some incredibly clever viral marketing for the X-Files, now that it's confirmed there's a new series on the way.

Or it could be, y'know, something else entirely.

This video, shared on Facebook by Barney Mac's pub in Drogheda, sees a pint of some brown liquid exploding unexpectedly.

It literally just cracks into pieces and, sure enough, the drink goes everywhere. Madness altogether.

Already, several theories have been put forward as to what precisely happened.

The leading and most scientific theory seems to suggest that it was a mixture of hydrogen ions and diatomic molecules in the glass, causing a build-up of pressure that caused the glass to explode.

That theory was suggested by one Siobhan Critchley, who also suggested that Joe was quite possibly just a Jonah - a colloquial term for someone's who endlessly unlucky.

Our own theory?


Here's the video in question. 

Keep your eye on the bottom left of the screen and the single pint at the end of the glass.



Via Facebook