This is certainly one of the strangest projects the former 007 actor has been involved with of late.

Brosnan appeared in an advertising campaign for Pan Bahar (the commercial in fact references Bond throughout), which markets a traditional Indian breath freshener, or ‘pan masala’ in Hindi, that is a mixture of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

Reportedly, the use of pan masala is increasingly being regarded as an unhealthy habit as some studies have suggested it may include ingredients that can cause cancer. It has also been blamed for red-coloured spit stains in public spaces across India.

There has been a long-running debate in the country about the use of pan masala and a directive issued by the Delhi government has requested that Bollywood stars not endorse the product.

The ad was posted on Youtube yesterday and has received mixed responses. Some have made jokes about the actor, some have criticised his endorsement of the product, while others have defended him.

One person commented: ‘What's wrong with him? He is one of my favorites. he should never have done this advertisement. We, in India are condemning this stupid shit and only illiterate goons and unemployed eat this. He's not a man meant for this disgrace.’

Another wrote: ‘i guess the product was pitched to him as some exotic indian spice! no one in their senses would endorse this!’

The commercial also appeared as an advertisement in newspapers. Some social media users posted pictures of Brosnan in the print ads photo-shopped with red spit stains.

Brosnan and Pan Bahar have not yet commented on the backlash.

The commercial can be viewed here:


Via Hollywood Reporter