If there was a guide on how not to react if one of your children comes out and tells you that they're gay, then this is it. 

This video has been going viral on social media after a young man sat his family down and came out to them, hoping that despite their religious beliefs, they would be supportive and caring. What he got was a disturbing turn of events, and tensions were extremely high as the whole family erupted into a huge argument. 

The footage does not make for an easy watch, as things get very heated towards the end.

There isn't much information available at the minute on what happened afterwards between the young man and his family, but the Reddit user who originally posted this online, rythmknight, said that he was forced to leave the house and that "It's been a really traumatic experience for him, and I feel so terrible and angry that this happened. Fortunately, he's living with a friend for now. Seems like he can be there long-term until he's able to support himself."

If you found yourself affected by this video, or are worried that you might find yourself in a similar situation, then remember that you are not alone and there are plenty of people and services out there who you can contact. Organisations like Belong To or Outhouse offer support, advice and just a safe place where you can meet and chat to others who might have experienced something similar to you, while LGBT.ie has a list of places around the country where you can reach out if you feel that you want to talk. 

Main image via yorkpride.co.uk