A porcupine was saved from being put down after a trainee vet came up with an ingenious way to help the little critter get around.

In May, a porcupine showed up at Piracicaba Municipal Zoo in São Paulo in a pretty bad state, having been rescued from a nightclub. It was believed that she had sustained some sever spinal injuries in a fall and was now unable to use her back legs, and so they considered putting the creature down. 

However, one trainee vet, Jhesebel Santana, came up with a smart way to help her out, and suggested that they could make a wheelchair out of plumbing pipes, similar to ones she'd seen on YouTube for dogs, at the budget-friendly price of just $5.

Thanks to Jhesebel, the hedgehog is now healthy and happy, and is being kept in a separate room until she's mastered her new wheelchair and can head back to run around with all her mates.

Via The Daily Mail.