In case you needed some extra inspiration today, this story will give it to you. 

Gina Giaffoglione was paralysed in a car accident several years ago, leaving her unable to walk. In her day to day life, she hasn't let that slow her down, and as a former athlete, she continues to be a sports coach using her upper body strength, showing that she has the type of attitude needed to not let anything hold her back.

Recently, she was getting married to fiance John, and as any other bride, she dreamed of walking down the aisle, as did her father Gary. As he emotionally told KETV News, he said to her "whether we roll down that aisle or whether we walk down that aisle, we're going to do this".

On her wedding day, after 18 months spent training and doing physical rehab in order to walk down that aisle, she stunned the guests at her wedding who had no idea what was in store.

Gina's motivation wasn't all about herself, however, as she hopes that her story can also inspire others: "I look at it as: I might be having a bad day, but I'm having a day [...] I'm able to have a day", adding "if I can help somebody, in some way, to maybe look at their life a little bit differently and be blessed to have their own day, that's why I'm having a day, in my eyes"

Via BroBible