By now, the folks at The White Moose Cafe know exactly what buttons to push to get people talking about them.

Depending on where you stand, their various escapades - which have included their tongue-in-cheek intentions to charge breastfeeding mothers corkage, ban vegans and demand a doctor's cert for those looking for gluten-free options - are either a desperate cry for attention, or a genius marketing strategy.

Either way, owner Paul Stenson is not shy about putting himself out there, and his latest controversy involved him sending an invoice for £5 million to an English blogger who enquired about the possibility of a free stay at the Charleville Lodge in return for 'exposure'. The resulting storm caused the usual reaction of some people criticising Stenson and others applauding his frankness.

Now, he's staged a fake Trump-esque press conference, assisted by his partner Jason.

"Over the past few days myself and my beautiful partner Jason and I have been inundated with criticism by the masses," he says. "This criticism comes as a shock due to a recent Facebook post I shared. In a moment of lapsed judgement, I assumed that a particular English blogger who shall remain nameless, and 22, was in a position to pay for her hotel stay.

"And I may have acted out of line resulting in a publicity tornado worth millions and costing both of us exactly zero euro."

Watch the video below: