There's nothing as good as watching a waste of matter getting caught out is there?

Owen Jones appeared alongside Tory MP Philip Davies on 'Good Morning Britain' to debate the protests over Donald Trump and whether or not the newly elected US President should be granted a state visit to the UK this morning and to say things got fiery would be an understatement.

Jones and Morgan continually sparred over the protests, with Morgan calling out the "hypocrisy" of denying Trump a state visit when other world leaders have been invited in the past, and it all grew to a delightful head when Morgan tried to call Jones out for not protesting a previous Saudi Arabia state visit when, in fact, he had.

In fact, he led that protest, something which he delighted in telling Morgan about in a glorious exchange that you can see below.

Davies and 'Good Morning Britain' co-host Susanna Reid barely got a word in as the two kept going at it, with both refusing to be spoken over until the whole segment had to be ended. And we think it's pretty obvious who came out on top.

Every cloud, eh?