It doesn't really matter how you get in there, as long as you get yerself in there, right?

The 60-year-old actress/talk show host/future female president of America struggled to get into her Stella McCartney dress before the annual event at London's Royal Opera House (she was nominated for an award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'The Butler'. She lost out to Jennifer Lawrence. JLaw can do no wrong.

Oprah posted the following video on her Instagram before walking the red carpet.

In case you can't view it, Oprah says: "It's an hour to go and this is Raj and Giuseppe who are literally stitching me into my gown... It's Stella McCartney, HELLO STELLA MCCARTNAAAAAAY!"

You'd think Stella would've knocked 'round herself to stitch her in; it's Oprah FFS.