Do you do a lot with your spare time or do you just veg out and be a general glutton? Are you a giver to charity or a helper to your community? Whatever it is that you do, prepare to feel significantly more shitty about it because it's got nothing on this.

Usually when something newsworthy happens in Australia it's that someone narrowly avoided being killed/maimed by one of the many things that wants to kill you there, so this story about the oldest man in Australia makes a welcome change.

Alfred Date is 109-years-old and loves to knit. But not just any old tat, Alfred uses his knitting skills for good and came to the rescue of penguins who were harmed in an oil spill last March, knitting tiny jumpers for them and sending the world into a tailspin over the sheer cuteness of it all.

Seriously. Look at that. 

Phillip Island's Penguin Foundation no longer needs any more jumpers having been inundated following their request, but there needs to be a serious round of applause for everyone involved for making that visual happen.

Sometimes the world ain't so bad a place.

Via nineMSN