An interview featuring OJ Simpson giving a hypothetical account of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman was filmed 12 years ago, but never aired after a public outcry.

However, US network FOX are set to broadcast it in full in a two-hour special this Sunday called 'O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?'

In 2006, Simpson sat down to talk with publisher Judith Regan, who published the book 'If I Did It' in 2007 - which saw the disgraced former football star and actor hypothetically discuss his motives and actions as if he had committed the brutal murders. Simpson, of course, was famously acquitted of both murders, which took place in 1994, in a trial the following year that garnered extensive media coverage.

Now, FOX has teased parts of the interview which sees him say things like "It’s not easy to discuss…This is hypothetical. I remember I grabbed a knife. I do remember that portion."

He adds: "Where are the bloody clothes so somebody had to get rid of the bloody clothes. We’ve all seen the grizzly pictures after, I think everything would have been covered in blood.

"It was horrible. It was absolutely horrible.’

Watch both teasers below: