Eek, these parents’ alternate way of raising their kids becomes somewhat invalidated by their children’s behaviour on set…

The couple, Matt and Adele Allen, who live in Brighton, don’t believe in discipline or medicine, and home school their children. They described their off-the-grid parenting style on This Morning with Philip and Holly.

Their kids, five-year-old Ulysses and one-year-old Ostara, misbehaved throughout the show and continually disrupted the interview.

The couple's obscure parenting includes Adele still breastfeeding Ulysees, but it was Ostara who stole the show when she defiantly walked up to the camera and peed on the floor.

You can see the segment here (the infamous moment happens just over a minute into the video):

The show provoked outrage and other reactions from its viewers, who took to Twitter:

Not only that but after their appearance on the show, Matt and Adele reportedly asked strangers to donate £100,000 ($177,000) to their ‘cause.’ The money will go towards plane tickets to Costa Rica and land there so they can live out their sustainable lifestyle.

In a word – unbelievable…