Are you even a little surprised by this? We're not.

Fox News, in a bid to make just about everyone hate them, have come out and defended that piece by Glamour Magazine on how to keep a man happy.

For those that don't know, the feature listed several ways women can keep a man including handing him a beer when he gets out of the shower (why, exactly?) and answering the door in your underwear (Ah here).

Anyway, the contributors on the show - including Clueless star Stacey Dash, who's a big-time conservative Republican - all chimed in with agreement for the article.

Take a look.

Yes, that's why divorce rates are skyrocketing. Nobody makes men sandwiches after sex and there's a distinct lack of women in underwear answering doors.

God, it's all so clear now. How could we have been so foolish.

Honestly though, at this stage, Fox News is basically trolling people now with this sh*t.


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